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Plating Machine
Plating Machines are vital tools in industries, applying thin metal layers onto surfaces using electroplating or electroless plating methods. They enhance product durability and aesthetics in sectors like automotive and electronics, ensuring consistent, high-quality plating for various substrates like metal, plastic, and ceramics.
Jewelry Polishing Machine
Jewelry Polishing Machines are essential tools for jewelers, employing advanced techniques like rotary tumbling and ultrasonic cleaning to restore brilliance to metals and gemstones. These machines offer precise control, ensuring delicate polishing without harm.
Gold Plating Solution
Gold Plating Solution compounds are complex mixtures essential for electroplating processes. Comprising gold salts, stabilizers, and conducting agents, they enable uniform and durable gold coatings on various surfaces to enhance appearance and offer long-lasting quality.
Electroplating Rectifier
Electroplating Rectifiers are vital for electroplating, supplying direct current (DC) power to deposit metal ions onto surfaces. These devices ensure precise voltage and current control for consistent plating quality, enhancing efficiency in electroplating processes for diverse industrial applications.
Jewelry Hot Air Oven
Jewelry Hot Air Oven units are advanced tools tailored for jewelry production, offering precise and uniform heating for intricate components. These units employ cutting-edge hot air circulation technology, coupled with customizable temperature settings, ensuring optimal results for various jewelry materials.
Antique Gold Flash
Antique Gold Flash solutions are used in metalworking to create an aged look on gold surfaces. Chemical solutions are applied to produce a thin layer of patina or tarnish, giving the gold a vintage appearance without harming its integrity.
Digital Vacuum Wax Injector
Digital Vacuum Wax Injectors streamline wax injection processes for jewelry production, ensuring precise and consistent wax patterns. These machines offer advanced digital controls and a vacuum system to eliminate air bubbles, resulting in high-quality wax models ready for casting.
Jewelry Buffing Machine
Jewelry Buffing Machines polish and refine jewelry pieces to a flawless shine. Equipped with adjustable speed settings and various buffing wheels, these machines effectively remove scratches and imperfections, enhancing the overall appeal and value of your jewelry creations.
Liquid Rhodium
Liquid Rhodium Legor Alloys provide jewelers with durable and high-quality plating solutions. These alloys offer exceptional brightness and scratch resistance, making them ideal for achieving a professional and long-lasting rhodium finish on jewelry pieces.
Liquid Silicone Rubber
Liquid Silicone Rubbers are prized for their versatility and exceptional properties. With high thermal stability, electrical insulation, and resistance to chemicals, LSRs find extensive use in medical devices, automotive parts, and consumer goods.
Jewellery Cleaning Steam Machine
Jewellery Cleaning Machines offer efficient and thorough cleaning solutions for a wide range of jewelry items. Using ultrasonic technology and gentle cleaning solutions, these machines remove dirt, grime, and tarnish, restoring the brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry collection.

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